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Miraj Trading Pty. Ltd.


Agricultural Products

If you are looking for the best rice exporter in Australia, you are in the right place. Miraj Trading Pty Ltd is the topmost company for such products and services. When we look at the countless benefits of the products that we have for our customers, it easy to see why individuals and families are making it a staple part of their diet. Following are some of the benefits of choosing our products. Read through to learn by we are popular among people all around the globe.

Our Products Are Pesticide-Free

The agricultural products that we have listed in our company are sourced from the best farmers and dealers. These are grown without the use of pesticides that are made with harsh chemicals. Rather our products are grown naturally and with the use of natural pest repellents to preserve the health of the food we distribute. Food products that you get from other companies are mass sprayed with pesticides and are unfit for consumption. Therefore choosing our products is the best choice.


Miraj Trading Pty is one of the most reliable and trusted fats and oils wholesaler in Australia. We all have been there, the moment we leave the parking lot only to realize that we have forgotten to buy detergent. The confusion of not knowing where can you get the best olive oil for your use and the dread of going grocery shopping rather than enjoying your leave with your friends is tough. We are here to solve this problem of yours.

We have created a convenient and enjoyable experience for our shoppers. We understand that your weekly grocery store visit takes time away from doing the things you love. That is why we offer our customers the advantage of online shopping. We have varieties of oils in our company for your use.

Following are some other benefits that you will receive when you choose to buy products from our online store.

Save Money

We have listed our products at an affordable price. Online shoppers will experience the same great prices and

Milk Powder & Dairy Products

Miraj Trading Pty Ltd is one of the best skimmed milk powder exporters in Australia. Milk in powder form is achieved by evaporating milk until it leaves behind milk solids, that is considered to be condensed and processed under controlled temperatures. During this evaporation process, it is ensured that the nutrients the milk has in its raw state are not lost. Powdered milk and other dairy products that we supply to our customers is a great source of protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and other vitamins.

Following are some of the health benefits that you can get from the milk products of our company.

Promotes Cellular Repair And Regulates Immune System

Each cup of milk is a great source of protein. This protein found in milk is said to be the complete protein, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids that will enable your body to function in tip-top condition. Amino acids help in your body's growth and development promotes the fast repair of your cells and

Meat & Seafood Products

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted chicken meat exporter in Australia? You are in the right place. Miraj Trading Pty Ltd is the best company for choosing these products at an affordable price. Important aspects of meat, fish and poultry products are the qualitative standardization of the features of the product like structure, texture and consistency. Our company offers a variety of products that creates stability in the production process in the extremely diverse areas of meat production.

There are plenty of benefits of choosing meat and seafood products from our company. They are as follows.

It Saves Time

There is hardly any doubt that shopping for our online store is quicker and it takes into account the return trip to the supermarkets, as well as that time, spend traipsing up and down aisles. How often do we near the till before we realise that we have forgotten the main item that we needed.

When you shop online, you do not have to worry

Energy & Metal Products

Miraj Trading Pvt Ltd is the best company for choosing energy and metal products. There are many products that we supply and trade to customers and have become the best metal and energy products trader in Australia. Our products are top-class and amazing for use and are made with quality materials. The metal products that we have in our company are known for the following features.

Visually Appealing

There is no secret that metal products look nicer than the other counterparts. The metal that we provide to our customers is used in different sectors for making various products and alloys. These are also used to make kitchen products and other appliances that look bright, sleek, attractive and provides a contemporary visual boost to any home or structure. Adding to this, you will also get a natural look that complements any home whether it is a kitchen full of wooden cabinets or a more modern layout. Products made with our metals look great.

Heat, Impact, Fire And Corrosion Resistance

Other Products

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